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Our five-part email series has one mission: to help turn your business into a brand. Each week, we’ll share practical advice, insights and fresh ideas. Forward buttons at the ready.

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In a world that shouts, be brave enough to listen

We help businesses become brands people actually care about.
Show me how

Let’s start with you

We get it. As founders and business leaders, you have to make difficult decisions all day, every day. That’s why, at Make Us Care, we translate what you REALLY care about into work that makes your audience care, too. You know, the kind of care that turns into community, connection and that all-important action.

Working with us isn’t all about ideas, either. No. We won’t just give you the cake. We’ll show you how to make it along the way.

If you feel like you need some support (with telling your story) or a fresh pair of eyes, we’re ready to listen.

Hello, we're Make Us Care

Why the name? Because care is the thing that turns a business into a brand.

We’re a strategic creative partner that helps give your customers something to really get behind. We work with brands to listen, learn and consciously communicate with the people they exist for.

How exactly? Through brand identity, creative campaigns and powerful messaging. And it all starts with our 5 Stories framework.

A few things we care about...
Messaging that matters / Design that does more than look pretty / Campaigns that create actual communities / Refreshing honesty and leading with vulnerability / Intuition backed by thorough research / Empathy-driven work that resonates in the real world / High standards without the ego / Taking our work seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously / Purpose paired with a powerful message = profit

Purpose and profit don't have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, do it right and they're mutually beneficial. We'll show you how.

Show me how

Great work can only happen with great clients

We feel fortunate to bring ideas to life every day. Here’s a preview:
They'll challenge you, listen deeply, empathise warmly and deliver you an experience you could never quite put your finger on, but knew was out there somewhere. If you're willing to be brave and bold and embrace an empathy driven approach to how you envision your company and communicate the world, you need these guys on your team. BAU and boring need not apply.
Claire Van der Zant
Chief Customer Officer
District 34 District 34
Soldo Soldo
Amanda and Callum understand what it's like to own and run a business because they are entrepreneurs themselves, not account managers. They do great creative work and manage to pull together teams of good people very quickly. More importantly to the client, they are KPI-driven and get shit done, as simple as that.
John Lim
District 34 | Founder & CEO
Koru Kids Koru Kids
Make Us Care have skills that straddle many functions - combining thorough research, creative ideas and spot on delivery. Their knowledge and understanding of the startup/scaleup market is unrivalled. They have the ability to push forward with projects whilst also taking time to stop and reflect on the effectiveness of activities. They are always on hand to help out and are an absolute pleasure to spend time with.
Jules Robertson
Soldo | Head of Scaleups
District 34
Ocean Bottle
Episode 1
Borrow a Boat
Bell Group
Level 39
Center For Fashion Enterprise
Koru Kids

We do things a little differently

Consider us a strategic creative partner for a new era of marketing.

We’ll run our celebrated 5 Stories workshop to reconnect you with your core values, stories and beliefs. Then, we’ll dive deep into the hearts and minds of your customers to understand what they truly care about.

You'll get
  • A 5 Stories Workshop (Empathy Story, Purpose Story, Origin Story, Product Story, Vision Story)
  • Competitor landscape and white space analysis
  • Comprehensive customer interviews and research
  • Insights on your current and future customers
  • A summary of all of the data we’ve learned about you and your customers

Next, we’ll take what we’ve learned and help you show up in a way that feels natural for your brand through design, messaging and positioning.

You'll get
  • Your brand story presented in the form of our 5 Stories
  • Brand messaging, tone of voice and a finalised core positioning statement
  • A visual identity including a logo, palette and design assets
  • A Brand Storybook for internal use, helping you turn your positioning into profit

We’ll bring your brand’s story to life in the form of creative campaigns that drive sales, attention and customer loyalty.

You'll get
  • Creative campaign ideas that give people something to really get behind
  • Campaign design assets, from video ads to organic social content
  • A content strategy focused on turning likes, follows and comments into conversion
  • Campaign strategy and management to make sure you’re showing up in the right place, at the right time, with the right story

What we're talking about

The Secret to Why Stories Work

January 27th, 2021 by
What Dolly Parton, a poet and a former Finance Director taught me about storytelling.

Forget Mission Statements, Here’s Why You Need The 5 Stories

January 27th, 2021 by
It’s time to rethink how your brand communicates – the 5 Stories can help.

5 Things You Need in Your 2021 Marketing Plan

January 27th, 2021 by
Your customers are watching. Make sure your brand is on the right side of their story this year.

5 Things I’ve Learned From Building a Company That Cares

December 18th, 2020 by
“What happens when you put care at the centre of everything you do as a business?”

Meet This Week’s Meaning Maker: Farah Kabir, HANX Co-Founder

September 22nd, 2020 by
"It’s really important that you don’t get bogged down with a vision based on commercials and what’s going to make you money.”

5 Stories: Building a Better World With Your Vision Story

September 20th, 2020 by
Your Vision Story is the future you’re creating for your customers. Let's go tell it.


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