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The Challenge

In early 2020, Airhead’s pollution masks raised £315,000 on Kickstarter. They had a product in the making. Next, they needed to create a brand that people could get behind.

The pollution mask space is busy and Airhead’s brand wasn’t differentiated from their competitors. Every mask was the “best”. Every mask was “leading”. What was missing was feeling – the same feeling of community, fun and connection that won Airhead so many hearts and minds on Kickstarter.

That was our job: to create a brand that elevated Airhead from crowdfunded to established.

I’ve never worked with anyone so on the ball. You care as much as we do.
Alex Smith, Airhead Co-Founder

The journey

To tell Airhead’s story, we needed to understand the human story behind the product. We spoke to commuters across the country and listened to them share their feelings on air pollution, mental health and exercise.

We combined what we’d heard with what we’d learned about Airhead’s competitors and presented back the Airhead brand stories and positioning.

Too many brands lead with fear and profit on people’s insecurities. We worked with Airhead to do better.

Who we wanted to listen

Airhead were struggling to identify who their customer was. Originally, they felt their product was for young professionals with money to spare. Our research, however, showed us that Airhead’s ‘first best customer’ loves getting active for their physical and mental health. We also learned that they didn’t relate to the current air pollution mask brands on the market.

That’s how we came up with the concept of Airhead as a lifestyle, not just a product.

Why they should care

People want to be as active as possible in the city, but something they do to feel better actually makes them feel worse because the air is so polluted. That’s where Airhead comes in.

Airhead’s vision is to educate, encourage, and, ultimately, protect as many people as possible from air pollution, because we all deserve to clear our heads with clearer air. They’re helping solve one of our greatest problems with smart science and community spirit.

What we did

Air pollution is heavy stuff. To stand out for the right reasons, we needed to create a brand based on care and character. The kind of brand that would make air pollution feel approachable, not alienating.

We revamped Airhead’s palette and gave them distinctive colours that represented their spirit. We created messaging that spoke to the heart of their story and the problem they’re solving. Taking it one step further, we created the Airhead character as the soul of the brand.

What we achieved

With a new tone of voice, visual identity and iconic character, Airhead launched their first website and have started building a growing community.

Their reach is extending far beyond their initial Kickstarter campaign and they’ve created a brand with community at its core.

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