Giving everyone a good air day

How we turned a mask into a lifestyle brand that helps people move more, feel healthier and breathe cleaner air.

Their challenge

To stand out in their competitive market, Airhead needed to show that they existed for something beyond their product and bring that to life in a way that felt unique and true to their brand. They wanted to build a lifestyle brand that cycling and running commuters could feel part of and rely on to protect them from polluted air.

Our approach

To tell the story of Airhead we listened to the stories from the founders and spoke to commuters across the country to understand them and their lives. We found that Airhead's target customers - cycling and running commuters - love getting active, being outside and looking after their physical and mental health. Throughout the project we kept what these customers care about most at the forefront of our thinking.

The 'Airhead' feeling

There’s a lot going on in the world and there’s a lot going on in our heads. We all need a breath of fresh air, but in the city that’s hard to come by.

We see a world where people move more, feel healthier and breathe clean air in the city. For now, with Airhead. One day, we hope, without us. Our pollution mask is designed to help you move more and stay protected, comfortably. Backed by smart science, fuelled by community spirit.

City life can get hectic. We want to help more people come up for air and get moving, in a happier and healthier way.

We love staying active in the city, but couldn’t find a pollution mask that combined personality with real, research-backed innovation. We wanted to change that.

Clear your head with cleaner air.

Because everyone deserves a good air day.

The results

We developed the brand messaging and visual identity before launching the business into a highly competitive market.

We created the Airhead character to bring to life the soul of the brand. They represent the lifestyle the brand wants people to adopt in their everyday lives. The Airhead character is active, relaxed, cheerful, fun and reflective of the Airhead community.

We created an additional graphical element, the ‘journey line’, to represent the routes Airhead's customers would take throughout the city on their commutes. The graphic element is used throughout the visual branding, a single continuous line, which was also brought into a new brand marque.

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"I’ve never worked with anyone so on the ball. You care as much as we do."
- Alex Smith, Co-founder
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