How we turned a mask into a lifestyle brand that helps people move more, feel healthier and breathe cleaner air.

Airhead had an incredible anti pollution mask, but they needed a brand that people could get behind.


Visual Branding / Storytelling / Packaging


To tell the story of Airhead we listened to the stories behind the business and spoke to commuters across the country to understand them and their feelings on air pollution, mental health and exercise.

From there with developed brand messaging, visual branding and a clear direction for the brand to grow as it launched into a highly competitive market.

You're the best Alex!
I’ve never worked with anyone so on the ball. You care as much as we do.
Alex Smith


We brought the Airhead brand to life even more when we designed and produced the various packaging needed for the mask, filters and Airskins.

We wanted to take people on a journey through the unboxing of their new mask. We created multiple levels, hidden doors and on-brand graphics and messaging so the customers first hand-on experience was as exciting as their new mask is revolutionary.