All the things we do to make your brand and campaigns more awesome!


The way you look, sound and feel to your customers.

Research & insights

We love a creative idea as much as the next person but we're not going to lie, the best ideas come from real research and insight. We look at your market and we speak to your customers.

We have real, honest conversations that give us the spark to create an awesome, relatable brand.

Care mapping

It's simple really, let's not sugar coat it (some of us are diabetic). We find out the things your business truly cares about and we do the same for your customers. Where there's an overlap is where we start the conversation.


Let's not get too ahead of ourselves but we did hear that those who tell the stories rule the world. We're not really into world domination, but market disruption is something we can get behind.

Think of storytelling as a shortcut. A way to embed yourself into the lives of your customers. This means going beyond just what you do and uncovering the reasons for people to care about why you do it.

Here's a question for you to consider; Why should anyone care about your business over your competitors? Be honest with yourself.

Visual branding

If you're looking for a total refresh or an update to the way your brand looks, we can help. From logos and colours to typography and templates, we help you look your best.


Get in front of your customers and make them care about who you are, what you stand for and what you do.


This is your game plan. Who, when and how. We help you answer these questions so your campaign investment returns as much as possible.

Creative ideas

Welcome to the inner sanctum of Make Us Care. This is where the real magic happens. We find creative ways to connect you and your customer so they buy into your brand and not just from it.

Art direction

Make sure you're looking your best when your approaching potential customers. Your art direction is like your outfit on a Saturday night in a singles bar. It better be on point or your sure to be disappointed.


One eye on the creative and another on the bank account... Create and manage media strategies to ensure you are also getting the best bang for your buck. From digital media to TV and out of home, we make sure the awesome creative we have made for you performs it's best.

Content &

Creative ways to engage your customers and make them take action.

Photo & video

It's not all glitz and glam. We've been covered in glitter, learnt freestyle pizza throwing and even ironed an egg. What it is though is creative ideas brought to life by the people that dreamt them up.

We plan, produce and edit our content and creative ideas to ensure they always hit the mark and deliver to your, and our own, expectations.

Social media

Let's face it if you're not watching the latest thing on Netflix you're probably glued to social media. Your customers are no different. We create content that they will actually care about, even more than the latest season of Tiger King.


Can't quite find the words to express how you're feeling? We've got you. In fact we are experts at rearranging all the words in the dictionary into beautiful, actionable sentences that your customers are going to love.