How we showed the best gifts at Christmas can't be wrapped

The brief

The dreaded question on everyone's mind around the festive period; "What do you want for Christmas".

Buyagift needed to create a multi-channel Christmas campaign that showed the incredible experiences they offers in an eye catching way. They needed a campaign that could connect with their customers on a deeper level while grabbing their attention with a creative execution.

What we did

We spoke to customers to understand what "gifting" really means to them. Using this insight we created a campaign around around gifts that are too big to be wrapped.

From campaign concept through the final asset delivery, we brought the campaign to life across TV, digital and OOH. We tell the story of a gift receiver as she travels from one hyper-real experience to another. These are the gifts that can't be wrapped.


We conducted research to understand people's thoughts and feelings when it comes to giving and receiving gifts.

We heard them speak about what gifting means to them, their relationships with loved ones and what they like and dislike about the process.

While we learnt their favourite moment was seeing someone unwrap a gift they had given, they overwhelmingly shared they disliked the wrapping process.

Well said!
When you get something tangible you look forward to using it. But the anticipation and excitement of the run-up to the experience lasts longer and the experience stays forever
Thanks Zara!
It has been nothing but an absolute pleasure to work with you!
Zara Eck
Head of Brand


The Buyagift campaign covered several channels including TV, cinema, OOH and digital.

We worked closely with Buyagift's media planning team to ensure the right creative message we delivered at the right time.

Behind the scenes

The creation of this campaign was a huge team effort. From building sets to complex camera gimbles and CGI, our team made sure every aspect was covered to achieve our creative vision.