Building brands for humans

We create brands that connect and inspire. We envision a future where brands are more than just a product or a service. They’re a community, a movement, a brand that cares about the world and the people in it.

Don’t just tell your brand story, live it.

By showing your most authentic self, genuine care, understanding of your customers, and delivering personalised, meaningful experiences, you will build trust, loyalty, and advocacy.


All of our creative ideas are powered by insights. We believe a creative idea is only as good as the insights it’s based on. And without your customers, and being able to connect with them, you’re not going to be able to sell your vision to anyone.

Services include

Workshops | Customer Research | Market Research | Care Mapping


Positioning & Storytelling

As human beings, we’re hardwired to retain and relate to stories. It’s the fastest way to create connections with customers and give people a reason to buy into your brand, not just from it. Our ‘Make Us Care’ Storytelling Framework has been developed to build brands with meaning. Yes, it’s so good we named it after ourselves. Or did we name ourselves after our method, who knows?

Services include

Brand strategy | Messaging & storytelling | Tone of Voice


Visual Identity

Making sure you look your best. Your visual branding makes you instantly recognisable. This is going to be your face across all your communications, it’s the first thing that people see and comes to mind when your brand is mentioned, so make it memorable or risk being forgotten.

Services include

Logo Design | Art Direction | Brand Guidelines



From concept to creation, now we bring your brand to life. Your brand can live many lives through your website, your social media channels, brand assets or a creative campaign. We make sure your brand is showing up exactly where and it’s needed – looking its absolute best.

Services include

Campaign | Video Production | Web Design and Development

“It was a great experience working with the Make Us Care team. We are thrilled with the new look and feel of our brand and enjoyed the process of working with them, cementing our company story and messaging.”
Leah Martin | Head of Marketing

Ready to build your brand?

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