Making Soldo the first choice for founders across Europe

The Challenge

Starting a business is tough, but scaling it is a completely different game. Money has a huge role to play and Soldo’s mission is to make it easier for companies to manage and control theirs with prepaid company cards and automated expenses.

The challenge? The employee expense market has a lot of big players with big marketing spends. To win over more founders, Soldo needed a whole new campaign and message to set them apart globally, unify its markets and go beyond traditional B2B marketing.

Make Us Care have skills that straddle many functions - combining thorough research, creative ideas and spot on delivery. Their knowledge and understanding of the startup/scaleup market is unrivalled.
Jules Robertson, Head of Scaleups

The journey

To create the most impactful brand campaign possible, we needed to find the stories that mattered most to Soldo’s audience.

We discovered that a lot of scaleups struggle to make spending decisions because they’re worried about running out of cash. Most founders we spoke to felt like they didn’t have enough financial insights in their company, and this was paralyzing their decisions to spend.

This was the insight we needed to give Soldo a real and relatable story to tell.

Who we wanted to listen

Time-poor, recently-funded startup and scaleup founders were our target audience.

As part of our research, we heard that raising the next round of investment is always front of mind for founders and it takes up so much of their time. Staying on top of your team, money and sales is intensely stressful.

Why they should care

Founders don’t talk much about raising and spending company money. But what if they did? Would this see more companies succeed? We thought so.

Our mission was to help founders learn from each other when it comes to raising and spending company dough. Why? Because being open and sharing knowledge is the fastest way to grow.

What we did

‘Got Dough? Get Soldo’ was the tagline we used to build up awareness of Soldo. We used pizza as the creative vehicle for the campaign to visually connect with the actions companies need to make with their dough (see what we did there?) to grow, slice it, stretch it and control it. It made perfect sense (and everyone loves pizza, too).

For the heart of the campaign, we created Dough Stories as a way to embed Soldo into the startup and scaleup market. Over two seasons, we paired up 24 founders to talk about their experiences with business finance – from raising millions of pounds in investment, through to managing company spending and expanding to new countries.

To expand on some of the stories we surfaced in the video series, we hosted a series of intimate dinners all over the UK bringing founders and investors together to lean in and share their experiences around money and their challenges with raising and spending it.

What we achieved

The purpose of the Dough Stories content was to show empathy by really listening to what founders have been through to get to where they are now. Our campaign generated a huge amount of traffic to the Soldo landing page, resulting in significant downloads of content and captured lead data.


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