Stay in control of your dough

Soldo’s mission is to make it easier for companies to manage and control their spending with prepaid company cards and automated expenses. Our goal was to make Soldo the top choice for founders across Europe.

Their challenge

Starting a business is tough. But scaling it is a completely different ballgame. Money has a huge role to play and Soldo is making it easier for companies to manage and stay in control of it.

We teamed up with Soldo to help them win the hearts and minds of founders of scaleup companies across the UK and Europe.

Our approach

Our job was to create a campaign to drive founders of funded scaleups to sign up for Soldo.

We used pizza as the creative vehicle for the campaign to visually connect with the actions companies need to make with their dough (see what we did there?) to grow. Slice it. Stretch it. Control it. It made perfect sense, and who doesn't love pizza?

The insight

To create the most impactful campaign possible, we found the stories that mattered most to Soldo’s audience. We discovered that a lot of scale-up founders find it hard to spend and manage their recently raised investment. They didn’t have enough financial insights in their company, and this was paralysing their spending decisions. Raising the next round of investment is always front of mind and takes up a lot of their time.

Staying on top of their business is stressful. They need a partner that understands them.

Soldo pizza box

The result

We created and launched a multichannel campaign covering digital, live events, direct mail, and long form video content. All with the focus of driving brand awareness and lead generation.

Founders don’t talk much about raising and spending company money. We figured they should talk more. So, we created Dough Stories to open up these conversations and give founders everywhere an insight into the good, the bad and the ugly of raising and spending their dough. In total we produced 12 episodes featuring 24 scale-up founders.

We continued to bring Dough Stories to life through a series of events across the UK. Prior to the event we sent out high value direct mail invites, including a freestyle pizza throwing base, so founders could practice getting in control of their dough before the event.

For the events themselves, we hosted dinner parties and brought founders to the table to hear their stories and share their highs and lows, encouraging conversation around raising, spending and staying in control of their money.

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