Making Soldo the first choice for founders across Europe

Soldo’s mission is to make it easier for companies to manage and control their spending with prepaid company cards and automated expenses.


Campaign / Events / DM


To create the most impactful brand campaign possible, we found the stories that mattered most to Soldo’s audience. We discovered that a lot of scaleups struggle to make spending decisions because they’re worried about running out of cash. Most founders we spoke to felt like they didn’t have enough financial insights in their company, and this was paralyzing their decisions to spend.

Got dough?

We used pizza as the creative vehicle for the campaign to visually connect with the actions companies need to make with their dough (see what we did there?) to grow, slice it, stretch it and control it. It made perfect sense, and everyone loves pizza, too.

Dough stories

Founders don’t talk much about raising and spending company money. We thought that they should.

We created Dough Stories to open up these conversations and give founders everywhere and insight into the good, the bad and the ugly.

Jules, you rock!
Make Us Care have skills that straddle many functions - combining thorough research, creative ideas and spot on delivery. Their knowledge and understanding of the startup/scaleup market is unrivalled.
Jules Robertson
Head of Scaleups


We continued to bring Dough Stories to life through a series of events across the UK.

Prior to the event we sent out high value direct mail invites including a freestyle pizza throwing base so founders could practice getting in control of their dough before the event.

For the events themselves, we hosted dinner parties and brought founders to the table to hear their stories and share their highs and lows, all focused around raising, spending and stying in control of their money.