How we created Generation Space for the world's leading SpaceTech fund.

Seraphim empowers and inspires great thinkers, champions and pioneers to rally together and shape the next chapter of humanity's existence. Seraphim are the world's leading SpaceTech investment fund, and they needed a brand to reflect that.


Branding / Website


Space, like branding, is full of infinite possibilities and unknowns. We approached Seraphim's visual branding with the objective to position them as an authority. We wanted to move away from a dependence on renders of satellites and rockets, towards visually representing the infinite opportunities in space.

We developed a visual language, taking inspiration from space telescope imagery, using abstract gradients. These gradients allowed us to bring a professional yet playful feel through the brand, not seen elsewhere in the market.

Thanks Leah!
It was a great experience working with the Make Us Care team. We are thrilled with the new look and feel of our brand and enjoyed the process of working with them, cementing our company story and messaging.
Leah Martin
Head of Marketing


A key part of the branding project was to develop an identity framework that could work across all of Seraphim's brands. Using a refined selection of colours from the main brand's pallet we were able to make each sub-brand related yet unique.