Building ‘Generation Space’

How we took the world's leading SpaceTech investment fund and built a movement that empowers and inspires great thinkers, champions and pioneers to rally together and shape the next chapter of humanity’s existence.

Their challenge

Seraphim is the world’s leading SpaceTech investment fund, and they needed to update and refresh their brand to reflect their market position and the exciting future of space. Space, like branding, is full of infinite possibilities and unknowns. Seraphim were looking to create a brand that reflected the exciting possibilities of SpaceTech while building a trustworthy and professional reputation for their broad range of stakeholders.

Our approach

Our objective was to position Seraphim as an authority within the SpaceTech industry and the global leader in SpaceTech investment. To achieve this they needed a brand strategy and visual identity that ditched cliches and predictable space themes, and instead represented the infinite opportunities of space.

The key insights

We spoke with key stakeholders across Seraphim's ecosystem including senior business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. From every stakeholder we heard their excitement around the opportunities of space and how they all feel the development of space is already changing our everyday lives.


said the future of space tech is exciting


said people aren’t aware enough of space tech


said that space tech will save the world


agreed that space tech has already had a great impact

The 'Seraphim' feeling

We live in a time where a flare needs to illuminate the possibilities of what SpaceTech can do here on Earth.

We’re looking to the science of SpaceTech, where great thinkers, champions and pioneers are rallying together to shape the next chapter of humanity’s existence.

We’re your Mission Control; here to propel your trajectory and keep you on course as we progress through the next stage in the evolution of investing and SpaceTech.

It’s time to be part of Generation Space.

Seraphim phone cases

The result

Through our research, we were inspired to create a positioning to excite an industry going through dramatic growth and change. We created 'Generation Space' so Seraphim could lead the conversation and bring people together through one shared vision, whether working or investing in SpaceTech.

Taking inspiration from galaxies, nebulae and the orbit of satellites around Earth we developed Seraphim's visual identity. Using abstract gradients and subtly futuristic typefaces we created a confident and professional identity that echoes the feeling of space.

Additionally, we developed a logo that reflects Seraphim's goals of harnessing space to positively impact life on Earth. A logo and colour system was created to bring the family of Seraphim sub-brands together.

Seraphim brand guidelines
SSIT logo
Accelerator logo
Venture logo
Enterprise logo
report mock up
business cards mock up
Seraphim website
"It was a great experience working with the Make Us Care team. We are thrilled with the new look and feel of our brand and enjoyed the process of working with them, cementing our company story and messaging"
- Leah Martin, Head of Marketing
Seraphim annual report
Seraphim gradient
Seraphim gradient 2
Seraphim mobile website
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