Koru Kids

Bringing play and imagination into the workplace

Koru Kids is an after-school childcare service that trains and hires caring individuals to become part-time nannies, with a particular focus on students and female members of the Gen X and baby boomer generations. Koru Kids needed to find nannies to help more families with their childcare.

Their challenge

In the competitive recruitment market, Koru Kids needed a campaign to distinguish themselves from standard employers.

When people think about getting a part-time job, they often don't consider becoming a nanny. This posed a challenge for Koru Kids, as they had to find a way to make potential nannies enthusiastic about the job and demonstrate that work and play can be blended.

Our approach

We partnered with Koru Kids to help them achieve their goal of making becoming a nanny a top choice for a part-time job.

After speaking with current and prospective nannies, we identified a key theme: they all love to play, have fun, and switch off from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Nothing lights up the mind like play, so we transformed some of the playful after-school activities that nannies do with the children they look after into exciting new job roles. We even cast real Koru Kids nannies to participate in the shoot to bring authenticity to the campaign.

The insight

We spoke to some of Koru Kids' best nannies to understand what attracted them to the job and why they enjoy it. From students to female Gen X and baby boomers, they all had one thing in common: they are caring, fun, and creative people who enjoy imagination and play. Each of the nannies we spoke to also had big ambitions for their future. These key insights enabled us to create a campaign that resonated with the various aspects of our audience's personality.

chief cuddle officer
head of story

The result

Based on our research and the insights we gathered, we combined the nannies' fun and caring personalities with Koru Kids’ serious ambitions to create a campaign message aimed at attracting new nanny applicants.

We developed a campaign concept that brought to life the fun activities that the nannies engage in while caring for children and combined them with their aspirational goals, represented as playful job roles. We created positions such as 'Head of Paper Chains' and 'Chief Cuddle Officer.'

To further appeal to the playful and creative aspects of the nannies' personalities, we used a campaign art direction featuring bright, vibrant colours to create a hyper-realistic interpretation of the nannies' job titles.

The campaign was brought to life through a series of videos, print materials, and digital creatives. The final creatives were integrated into a multichannel campaign, including TV, out-of-home (OOH), and digital platforms.

head of paper chains ad mock up
head of paper chains 01
head of paper chains 02
‘Their commitment to getting things over the line in a short space of time was impressive’
- Laura Scoffin, Head of Marketing
director of hide and seek
koru kids sweets