Help me Angela

Feel less afraid and more alive.

How we positioned Help me Angela as the brand that empowers people to feel less afraid and more alive.

Their challenge

Help me Angela is a personal safety community that allows you to live safer. This is a personal safety app for modern life. Built for reliability and fuelled by community action, the app connects you with a safety net of trained experts so you can feel more confident when you’re alone.

Help me Angela needed a brand to resonate with their young female audience in a way that felt trustworthy, aspirational and safe.

Our approach

We worked with the Help me Angela team from the very early days of the business, to build the brand from the ground up. From the initial product concept, all the way through to launch, we developed and told Help me Angela's story at every step.

To tell the story of Help me Angela, we first needed to understand why the business was started and listen to the people that it would affect. We learned that everyone has a story of when they have felt afraid or unsafe. We took on the challenge and created messaging that empowered and supported, rather than created fear.

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The key insights

We spoke to over 100 people from 29 countries to understand them and their stories around personal safety. Shockingly, a large majority of the people we spoke to had a story of when they have felt afraid or unsafe. We also heard about the positive impact of feeling safe on their lives.

Our wider research group consisted of four groups, including Late-night workers, Business travellers, International students, and men across generations. The insight gathered across these groups revealed consistent trends around personal safety that we were able to use in the brand strategy.


of people can easily remember a time they felt unsafe


of participants have witnessed a crime happen to somebody else, but only 18% reported it


of late-night workers expressed that they have directly experienced an incident

The ‘help me Angela’ feeling

We all deserve to feel safer.

We all deserve to feel less alone.

We all deserve to feel freedom, not fear in our everyday lives.

Because feeling safe isn’t a privilege, it’s your right.

And when you’re less afraid, you’re more alive.

We believe everyone should have a guardian angel. If something happens, we will help you, alert you and care for you.

That’s why we say: we’ve got you.

The result

Using the insights we gathered and our messaging framework, we developed brand stories that spoke directly to the target audience.

Personal safety is a tricky topic to navigate. Everyone has a story of when they have felt afraid or unsafe. We took on this challenge and created messaging that empowers and supports, rather than creating fear. Tying this in with the visual branding, we were able to create a brand that makes people feel more safe.

We developed visual branding that centred around the halo element. The halo we created represents a guardian angel and a ring of safety. It is one of the single most important graphic elements of the branding as it represents everything they stand for: safety, trust, protection, empowerment and unity. Additionally, we created a unified visual language through iconography that can be understood by people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The primary outputs for this project were brand positioning, brand stories and visual identity, which were all presented in a brand guidelines document. After a successful branding and activation project we went on to support Help me Angela with the creation of their website, brand video and organic social assets. The brand video and social assets resulted in an increase in views and engagement across their social media.

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'The Make Us Care team is phenomenal and we are delighted with the outcome.’
- Paul Sanderson, Director
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