help me Angela

help me Angela is a personal safety community that allows people to live safer. They’ve created a personal safety app for modern life. Built for reliability and fuelled by community action, the app connects you with a safety net of trained experts so you can feel more confident when you’re alone. We worked with the team to create a brand from the ground up. From a fledgling idea, all the way through to roll out, we have helped help me Angela tell their story at every step.


Visual branding / Messaging / Website


To tell the story of help me Angela, we first needed to understand why the business was started and listen to the people that it would effect.

We developed visual branding that centred around the halo element. We wanted to create an iconic symbol that allowed us to tell a story of protection and guardianship. We brought this element though the logo, image lock-ups and typography to further instil the essence of the halo.

Thanks Paul!
The Make Us Care team is phenomenal and we are delighted with the outcome.
Paul Sanderson


Using the insights we had gathered and our messaging framework, we developed brand stories that spoke directly to the target audience.

Personal safety it a tricky topic to navigate. Everyone has a story of when they have felt afraid or unsafe. We took on this challenge and created messaging that empowered and supported, rather than created fear.

Tying in with the visual branding, we were able to create a brand that makes people feel more safe.