Red Letter Days

Giving the greatest gift of all, a memory.

Red Letter Days is one of the most iconic gifting brands in the UK and they needed a campaign to emotionally connect with their customers at Christmas.

Their challenge

Red Letter Days are one of the UK’s most established gift experience retailers and they have been pioneering the concept of gifting unforgettable experiences since 1989. To engage with their customers at their busiest time of year, Red Letter Days briefed us on creating an emotionally engaging campaign for TV and OOH.

Our approach

We wanted to tell a story around the relationship between the gift giver and the gift receiver, and how experiences and memories go hand in hand.

Gift gifting is as much about understanding the recipient and a reflection of the relationship with that person, as it is about the gift itself. We wanted to highlight that the greatest gift you can give is the memory and a moment in time, created by someone that cares about you.

The insight

We quickly realised through our research that the most valuable aspect of any positive experience is the memory that comes from it. Overwhelmingly, our research showed that people's favourite gift was an experience, and that subsequently their relationship with the gift giver was strengthened. With this insight we knew we had to create a campaign to show the emotional connection between the gift giver and receiver.

Gift envelope
House shoot behind the scenes

The result

We told the story of the relationship of a family at Christmas. The emotional connection between a late father and his son, now a man, and his relationship with his daughter. We see how a gift can resurface childhood dreams to create new memories and help them reconnect.

Over two days, we shot in two locations, at a race track and at a family home. The cinematic style of the film further enhanced the emotion of the relationship between the characters and reflected the premium quality of the Red Letter Days brand.

We produced final campaign deliverables that included a 30-second TV advert and a variety of digital marketing assets.

Red letter days behind the camera
Red letter days behind the camera
Red letter days behind the scenes track
'It has been nothing but an absolute pleasure to work with you!’
- Zara Eck, Head of brand
Red letter days storyboards
Red letter days props