Creating space for moments together

How we positioned a tableware company to take ownership of ‘the one time’ when you gather around the table together to reconnect, swap stories and share moments with the people you care about.

Their challenge

Plated are a handmade tableware brand. They needed a brand positioning and visual identity that aligned with their products and values; effortlessly elegant, reliably unfussy and made to last from beautiful materials. They also wanted to weave their elegant Japanese-inspired beginnings together with the warmth and informality of a European dinner table.

Our approach

We wanted a way to take something as everyday and often overlooked as tableware and make it something to be proud of.

We positioned Plated as the backdrop to all life’s greatest moments. We focused on the real-life uses of the products, and how they enhance each and every meal and become part of the occasion. The perfect canvas for the perfect moment.

Plated packaging
Plated yellow tote bag
Plated card

The key insights

We spoke with a selection of people ages 25 to 44, all at different stages in their life with different relationship statuses and living situations, to find out what they care about when it comes to tableware, dining and hosting.

The main takeaway for us was the importance of togetherness, connecting and making memories with loved ones.


said that having people round, hosting or occasions would be a big prompt to upgrade their tableware


said connection and togetherness was the most important element of dinnertime at home for them


said they want people to remember being well looked after when hosting, togetherness and laughter were most important

The 'Plated' feeling

That crisp tablecloth has been laid out. The candles are lit. The lights are down low and your favourite playlist is queued up and ready to go. Supper is in the oven. Dessert is chilling in the fridge in anticipation. And you’re taking a well-earned sip of wine before it begins.

This is the moment. The One Time.

When you all gather around the table together. To share delicious, homemade food. To reconnect, swap stories and share moments from your day. To reach across the globe and explore new horizons. To start new traditions and to make a new recipe into your signature dish.

Yes, there’s now wine and crumbs strewn across the table. There are also empty plates, full bellies and contented sighs passing around the table like the inevitable game of Chinese Whispers that’ll be played in a short while. The laughter and clink of glasses and cutlery has come to a brief lull as everyone basks in the glow of a meal, well made.

And then that joy bubbles forth again:
Remember that one time Uncle Tony…
And, what about the time when little Simon…
Oh, and don’t forget that time when Suzy…

As the plates are piled up and stacked neatly into the dishwasher, you smile to yourself and take a mental picture. Mum was right, you certainly do make a meal out of things.

In fact, you make more than a meal of it.

You make bringing everyone together an occasion to remember. You transport people to new places. You take a canvas and your ingredients and present them with a glittering mosaic of tastes, smells, sounds and feelings. Overflowing cups and full bellies are your speciality. This is your masterpiece.

This is the moment. This is The One Time.

Make it unmistakably yours.

Plated brand roundel
Plated logo
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Plated brand guidelines

The result

We created an authentic brand that helps bring people around the table for ‘the one time’ when they can reconnect with their loved ones over a home-cooked meal.

We developed a visual language that keeps genuine human connection at the forefront with both imagery and graphical elements depicting people. The brand logo was inspired by the inevitable mess left on the table after an enjoyable dinner party, as well as the circular form of the plates themselves. Through many of the brand elements we used circles as a way to create a focal point, convey togetherness and depict the shape of the Plated products.

Plated social slider
Plated fish tessellation
Plated chilli pattern
Plated chilli tessellation
Plated shrimp pattern
Plated red chills card
Plated yellow chills card
Plated bus stop advert
Plated vegetable tote bag
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