Cotton Comfort

Helping people get comfortable in their skin

How we positioned Cotton Comfort as the supporter and the solution for people with unhappy skin.

Their challenge

Cotton Comfort was looking to reposition and revitalise their brand identity after a change in ownership. They wanted to ensure their passion for helping people overcome their unhappy skin wasn't lost, while also making sure that a new brand gave them the ability to implement future growth strategies.

Our approach

With the clear direction to keep care and empathy at the core of the brand, we positioned Cotton Comfort as a warm, lighthearted friend that was there to help. We wanted Cotton Comfort to come across with honesty, authenticity and feel supportive and knowledgeable while being ​​real, raw and relatable. This positioned the brand to help people love life and get comfy with their skin.

The key insights

We spoke with two demographics; parents with children learning how to live with itchy skin, and adults who are learning how to live with itchy skin of their own. We wanted to learn about their experiences of living with itchy skin, to uncover what they truly care about.

There was an overwhelming amount of insight around feeling unsupported, misunderstood and a lack of knowledge around solutions.


said there was a lack of support and understanding around skin conditions


said their skin impacts their day to day life


said they had to find solutions themselves and experienced a lot of trial and error

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The 'Cotton Comfort' feeling

We’re so glad you’ve found us.

We guess that you’ve been looking for a while because the hunt for itchy skin solutions can seem like an impossible quest. There’s a lot of slog, backtracking, misdirection and many, many false dawns.

But relax. You’re here now, and safe. And while we don’t pretend to have found the Holy Grail of Itchy Skin, we do have over 40 years of experience we want to share with you.

So first up – it’s not about finding a cure. Let’s gently put that load down. Let’s focus instead on living your most comfortable life.

This is what we love doing. We love helping you get on with your life by creating and finding beautifully soft, organic cotton clothing designed to soothe cranky skin.

And it works. Less scratching, more sleep. Less soreness, more freedom. Less worry, more joy.

We know our clothing works because we’ve walked the walk you’re on now.

So let’s walk a little further, together

The result

We created thoughtful and empathetic brand messaging that showcased the support Cotton Comfort has provided over the years, the impact they've had on customers' lives, and the knowledge they continue to provide in people's search for relief for their skin.

The visual brand was an extension of that messaging. We used calm, cool and neutral colours to imitate the relieving effect of the products. The visual branding also utilises gradients and soft curve graphic elements to portray a soft sense of touch.

We designed a unique brand marque, made up of two C’s incorporated into the shape of a cotton bud, to represent the brand name.

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"They were really committed and learnt a lot about the company. They were flexible and accommodating"
- Jo Greenslade, Owner
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