Helping parents celebrate all their little one's messy moments.

How we positioned Nimble for perfectly imperfect parents, on their most daring adventure; raising the next generation of little explorers.

Their challenge

Nimble helps families have cleaner homes and safer environments. They’re a world where every clean counts, reducing the stress around cleaning, giving kinder cleaning products to every child and helping keep the planet clean.

In the competitive world of cleaning products, Nimble had already established itself as a brand that wouldn't play by the rule book. Our challenge was to take the brand on a huge leap forward with a new brand strategy designed to elevate Nimble beyond their competition and to speak directly to their customers' everyday challenges.

Our approach

We knew that to truly stand with Nimble's customers, we had to understand what they cared about most. And it wasn't cleaning products.

Nimble's customers are exhausted, sleep-deprived, irrational-thinking parents who need brands that raise them up, support them and show them there’s meaning in every messy moment. Parents want to shake the 'parenting shame' and Nimble is there to help them.

Nimble Nappy Lover

The key insights

We spoke to mums and dads to find out what really mattered to them, and it wasn't cleaning products. We heard stories about every emotion a parent can have. From the dirtiest nappies to a perfectly clean home. From worrying about being good enough to seeing their child develop. We learned that being a parent is an emotional rollercoaster and how Nimble can best support and fit into a parent's life.


said they worried about being a good parent


said the best part of being a parent is seeing their child develop


said they felt judged as a parent


said the mess never ends

Nimble's Purpose

Real parenting isn’t about being perfect.

It’s about conquering everyday stresses and constant messes. It’s unfiltered, it’s real and it’s happening now, in all of its imperfect glory. Yes, real parenting is messy. We exist to help you master those messy moments. We create a safer and cleaner environment for your child and a less stressful environment for you.

Raising a child takes a village. At Nimble, we’re a part of yours.

Nimble book

The result

While Nimble always had a rebellious streak when it came to branding, it lacked a single direction and that's where we came in. We helped Nimble evolve their visual language and bring their brand stories to life through every customer touchpoint. We positioned Nimble as the brand that would support parents through all their messy moments while their children develop and explore.

Life is colourful and so is Nimble. Each product inspired a colour palette and coordinating set of doodles, representing the benefits of each product. We also developed a suite of brand assets, including doodles of bubbles, water droplets and plants, that live across the whole product range and brand touch points. Additionally, we created a collection of hand-drawn illustrations to communicate the benefits of the products across the range.

As part of the brand activation, we redesigned Nimble's full range of product packaging. This redesign brought the brand to life online and in stores, including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Ocado. Giving the baby aisle the pop of colour it was missing and Nimble the attention it deserved.

sticky stopper product shot
nimble product shot 01
milk buster in use
baby mess
‘You went the extra mile to know me and my vision, getting under the skin of my brand. I felt guided and involved through the process.’
- Von Sy, Founder
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