How we helped parents celebrate all their little one's messy moments.

Since 2014, Von Sy, the founder and chemist behind Nimble, has been helping parents with that everyday challenge: mess. Their story began with a smelly bottle. If you’re a parent, you’ll know the smell all too well. Nimble has been helping families have cleaner homes and safer environments for their children ever since.


Visual Branding / Storytelling / Packaging / Campaign / TV

In the competitive world of cleaning products, Nimble had already established themselves as a brand that wasn't going to play by the rule book. Our challenge was to take the brand on a huge leap forward with new visual branding and brand stories that elevate Nimble beyond the competition and speaks directly to their customer.

We knew that to truly stand with Nimble's customers, we had to understand what they cared about the most. Guess what? It wasn't cleaning products.

Picture the most exhausted, sleep deprived, irrational-thinking person you know. Chances are, they're a parent. This is Nimble's customer. Parents need brands that raise them up, support them and show them that there is meaning in every messy moment. Parents want to shake the shame that's put on them and Nimble is there to help.

Nimble's vision is to build a world where every clean counts. To reduce the stress around cleaning, give kinder cleaning products to every child and help keep the planet clean too.

Thanks Von!
You went the extra mile to know me and my vision, getting under the skin of my brand. I felt guided and involved through the process.
Von Sy


After a successful rebrand, Nimble went on to launch in over 500 Tesco stores across the UK.

It was now time to re-look at packaging to ensure it was a true reflection of where the brand and where it's going.

Our enemy was boring blue packaging that dominates that baby isle. We went bold and bright. There's no missing Nimble now on a tied saturday afternoon shop. We've got you parents!


While Nimble always had a rebellious streak when it came to branding it lacked a single direction and that's where we came in.

We help Nimble evolve their visual language and bring their brand stories to life through every customer touchpoint.