Finding the branding opportunities in your market

Finding the branding opportunities in your market before you start working on your brand messaging is key to building a brand that stands out.

By researching your competitors you can clearly identify where your brand should be sitting within your market. We plot competitors on white space opportunity graphs to clearly understand the brand’s opportunities.

Looking through the lens of branding, look at your market. This process is about understanding the written and visual language that customers expect or are used to. Decide what specific criteria you want to look at within the market, and use that for your axis. This can be tone, language, general feeling, etc. 

Next, look at the competitors within your market. How they are showing up to your customers? What are they doing well? And more importantly, what are they not doing? What are they missing? Plot where you think they sit on the axis. 

Now you can begin to see the empty or less populated areas within your market. 

That’s your white space opportunity. 

This should give you a better understanding of the written and visual language that customers expect or are familiar with. With this, you can uncover the white space within the market and take advantage of it through your branding and campaigns.

Once you have created your white space opportunity graphs and identified your branding opportunities, conduct a Care Mapping exercise to start putting your brand to work.

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