Showcasing Glasgow's circular economy

We helped WaterBear document Glasgow's circular businesses in their first piece of original content for their streaming platform.

Their challenge

WaterBear is an online streaming platform dedicated to showcasing documentaries, short films, and series that spotlight global environmental and social topics. In collaboration with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, WaterBear wanted to document the impact of Glasgow's COP 26 conference on the city, a year after the event.

Our approach

From pre-production, which included the film's art direction, location scouting in and around the city of Glasgow, and sourcing some pretty peculiar props, to the two-day shoot that was shot across multiple locations, we were responsible for the entire video production process.

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The result

The resulting film, Challenge the Gap with Paul Black, follows the Glaswegian Tik-Tok star on a mission to discover innovative businesses leading the way towards a circular economy. With Glasgow’s COP 26 as a backdrop, the documentary examines the city’s progress towards sustainability.

During the two-day shoot, our team used a mix of to-camera shots and dynamically shot interviews to capture the essence of the story in a conversational and relaxed manner.

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