Helping people feel financially confident

Borofree is on a mission to solve the global debt problem and support the UK’s workforce. Through a brand video we brought to life their customers' stories.

Their challenge

Many hard working people in the UK feel shameful, stretched and stressed about their finances. Borofree exists to positively change the relationship people have with money, using their smart tech, 0% interest and zero fee approach.

Borofree wanted to create a video that reflected their brand and spoke directly to their customers; people trying to build their lives and want to be treated with dignity and respect.

Our approach

We spoke with Borofree's customers and found there was a lot of shame and embarrassment around money in the UK.

Our task was to create an engaging brand film. Using the insights we gathered, we wanted to challenge that shame, and change the conversation to help people feel financially confident.

We worked with the Borofree team to craft a beautiful cinematic brand film, telling the real stories of their customers.

Borofree brand film still
Borofree behind the scenes director monitor
Borofree behind the scenes looking down

The result

Our concept illustrates the metaphorical mask people wear when burdened with financial difficulties.

The concept conveyed that people in debt often feel like a failure, they feel like they need to hide it, and hide themselves.

As the film progresses, with the help of Borofree the masks are lifted, a symbol that (with Borofree) you can face your finances and stand tall with your head held high.

Borofree behind the scenes monitor
Borofree polaroids
Borofree behind the scenes