Bell Group

Finding fanatical painters

Finding painters isn't hard, but Bell Group only want the best of the best, and those are hard to come by. We helped Bell Group find and recruit the ones that really love what they do.

Their challenge

Bell Group are in constant need of new painters to join their team, with over 300 vacancies across over 40 branches around the UK, every year.

Bell Group's biggest challenge when recruiting painters is that everyone thinks they can paint. However, professional painters are highly skilled workers and in high demand.

We partnered with Bell Group to help them attract the best painters out there today.

Our approach

We needed to create a campaign that was not only highly targeted towards skilled painters, but also pre-qualified new applicants.

To get started, we spoke with some of Bell Group’s top painters to get to know them and what makes them tick. The two big questions we had were: “what does it feel like to be a painter?” and, “why do you get out of bed every day to do this job?”.

We needed a campaign idea that played into the personalities of painters to have any chance of grabbing their attention.

The Insight

We spoke to Bell Group's painters to learn what matters to them. They care about feeling secure within their job, working on a variety of jobs, feeling proud of the work they do and being recognised by both their managers and the end customer impacted by the work they've done

The one thing that really stood out was their passion for painting and how much they cared about doing a great job. We discovered that a good painter is a proud painter and will often say: “I painted that!”

The result

We worked with Bell Group to create a fictional character called John Miller – the world’s most fanatical painter. No one loves painting as much as John. He loves it so much he ‘sleep paints’, has a 30 brush holder and keeps a shrine of all the important brushes from his career in his shed. Yeah, he’s unique.

The big idea was a mockumentary style film about John, and a day in his life as a painter. We meet John at the end of another glorious day ‘on the brush’. He’s heading home to cover up another ‘sleep painting’ incident.

We created a 6 minute hero film which was also edited into shorter conversion orientated ads which ran across Facebook and Instagram. We filmed a number of comedy skits showing John through his day. We purposefully shot scenes we knew would stir up conversations between painters and encourage sharing of the videos. Making the content raw and relatable helped encourage viewers to tag, share and comment on the content, making our reach grow exponentially. Throughout the mockumentary we peppered the script with trade jokes to further appeal to the highest quality painters.