How long does a branding project take?

How long does a branding project take?

As a branding agency, we understand that branding projects are a significant investment of time, resources, and budget. It’s not uncommon for founders, CEOs and Brand Directors to ask us how long a project will take. We’d love to give a straightforward answer, but the reality is that it depends on several factors that are unique to each client. Here we’ll discuss the factors that determine the timeline for a project and provide some insights into our approach to your branding project.

Factors that affect the timeline of a branding project

One of the primary factors that determine the timeline for a branding project is the client’s objectives. If the client is working towards a specific event, launch, or product launch, we need to align our branding project with their timeline. In such cases, the timeline could be shorter or longer depending on the client’s timeline.

The second factor that affects the timeline of a branding project is the client’s resources. We need to consider the client’s budget, the size of their team, and the amount of time and effort they can allocate to the branding project. A smaller business with limited resources may need a more extended timeline than a larger business with more resources.

Our approach

We typically start with a rough timeline of three months for a branding project. This timeline includes a month of research into the customers, the market, and the brand itself. We believe that in-depth research is crucial to understanding the client’s brand and their customers. We use this research to inform our branding strategy.

The second phase of the project is the positioning of the brand, the brand storytelling and messaging. This phase takes about a month and we work with the client to identify their brand’s core values and we use these to create stories that resonate with their target audience.

The final phase of the branding project is the visual side of the brand, which takes about a month. We create a visual identity that reflects the brand’s stories and values. This includes creating a logo, colour palette, typography, and visual assets all brought together into a guidelines document.

So… how long is it going to take?

In conclusion, the timeline for a branding project depends on several factors unique to each client. We typically suggest a timeline of around three months however, we understand that some clients may have a shorter or longer timeline depending on their objectives and resources. Our approach to branding is to work closely with our clients to create a branding strategy that aligns with their objectives and resources.

If you’re considering a branding project, we’d be happy to discuss your objectives and provide a timeline that suits your needs.

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