The Care Home; Our brand messaging framework

The Care Home; Our brand messaging framework

The Care Home is our storytelling and brand messaging framework from which meaningful and intentional brands are born.

As human beings, we are hardwired to retain and relate to stories. The Care Home is a framework to create connections with customers and give people a reason to buy into your brand, not just from it. 

The foundation of the Care Home is ‘The feeling’ This is the overarching tone of the brand. It’s how people should feel when they come into contact with you. 

The “Make” story is the story of what you explicitly make or do. It exists to give people a clear distinction of your product, what makes you different and, above all, how what you do makes a difference in their lives.

The “Us” story is what connects you to your customers. It’s the empathy and glue that keeps you and them together and on the same page.

The “Care” story is about how the world is going to be a better place now your brand is in it. It’s the real work you do, beyond product and profit. It’s about how your brand is making tomorrow better than today.

Your brand positioning statement is formed by distilling down your “Make”, “Us” and “Care” stories into one impactful stand-alone statement that summarises who you really are and what you stand for. 

And that is how to form The Make Us Care Care Home. 

Using this framework, you now have brand messaging to form the base of all your brand communications from here on out.

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