What is a CareBrand?

What is a CareBrand?

CareBrand is our vision of what a brand should be. 

Your brand should make people feel something. It should make us care. If it’s not doing that right now, it’s probably time we talked about how to make yours a CareBrand.

CareBrand is our vision of what all brands should be, including yours. What your brand deserves, in fact.

A CareBrand sells connections, not commodities, they believe in purpose-driven profits and embrace the power of advocacy. They are brands you can buy into, not just from. They don’t just tell their story, they live it, every day. They stand for the world they are trying to build.

CareBrands are action-based brands that act on the three types of needs of their customers; emotional, ethical and social. These actionable needs are addressed by our nine human CareBrand traits.


Your customers’ emotional needs should be addressed with empathy, compassion and authenticity. This enables CareBrands to build deeper relationships and create meaningful experiences that resonate with customers on a genuine and personal level. Emotional traits shape their approach to understanding and connecting with the emotions of their audience.

Learn more about the emotional actions of a CareBrand: here.


Your customers’ ethical needs should be addressed with responsibility, sustainability and innovation. These demonstrate CareBrands’ dedication to taking meaningful actions that drive change and contribute to a better world. These traits drive the brand’s commitment to making a positive impact.

Learn more about the Ethical actions of a CareBrand: here.


Your customers’ social needs should be addressed with connection, community and inclusivity. These reflect CareBrands’ commitment to fostering meaningful connections, creating a sense of belonging, and embracing diversity. These traits build a strong social foundation that encourages collaboration and positive social impact.

Learn more about the social actions of a CareBrand: here.

All nine traits combined encompass the core values and behaviours that CareBrands embody, to build genuine connections, create deeper relationships, take meaningful actions and create impact. By communicating that your brand embodies these CareBrand traits you give your customers a reason to care about you and buy into your brand.

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